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The Micro Tattoo

A gateway to help you grow your business and provides you with the outline to running your business

Kocaj Consulting…

Works Hand-In-Hand With You

This is not a “one and done” tax preparation process. We work hand-in-hand with you to build and execute a tax and legal plan designed for you and your creative business.

You’ll be supported through the entire process of a tax plan and preparation that maximizes your profits, minimizes your risk, and helps you feel confident in the artistry and the finances of your business.

We understand how it feels to be unseen by the traditional business community- the stuffy suits. These Suits have the crazy idea that a creative person can’t run a 6 figure business successfully. A stereotypical tax professional doesn’t understand the artistry of your business and how to turn that artistry into profit.

I love tax, business and law so I have spent years perfecting my craft.

Much like a painter understands how style, composition and perspective are used to make a masterpiece, I understand how tax law mixes with business law and finances to increase your profit. My work isn’t glamorous enough for instagram photos, but a beautiful tax return is a work of art.

Kocaj Consulting…

Offers packages to support your business

The Entry Level Experience

The Micro Tattoo


Training Library


Income Tax Returns


Return Review


Quarterly Estimated taxes


Tax Deadline Reminders


Tax Support via Chat



Named after a beautiful style of tattoo, this package is the entry level experience of working with a professional. This package is a gateway to help you grow your business. It is priced for those that are just starting out and need to be more conservative with their spending but gives you more confidence and care compared to self-preparing online or with a generic tax prep service. This package provides you with the outline to running your business.

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Your Package Includes…

Benefits That Supports Your Success

Income Tax Preparation

Our team is committed to keeping up with all the latest changes to the tax laws. Rest assured your personal and business income tax returns are prepared accurately.

Tax Saving and Planning resource Library

So you can find the answers to questions that may be more pressing. You’ll stop wasting time with industry-specific answers from a trusted professional instead of googlable answers that are just plain wrong or incorrect for your industry

Estimated Payments

So you aren’t faced with unexpected penalties at the end of the year.

24/7 Access Secure Cloud Portal to Gather Organize and Sign Tax documents

Whether you need late-night access to your tax documents or the ability to sign a tax return while vacationing with your family, our secure cloud portal is available at your fingertips right from your smartphone.

Video & Screencast Communication

We are technology-focused and offer advanced tools to communicate both effectively and efficiently including secure video conferencing and screencast video sharing.

Kocaj Consulting Gets....

A Lot of Love from Our Clients

"We found thousands in savings from their expertise!"

I absolutely love the way Margaret Kocaj has handled my small business taxes. My wife and I are knowledgeable but using Kocaj consulting we found thousands in savings from their expertise! Margaret's personality is only eclipsed by her intelligence and ability to help people like us! Highly recommend!!!

- M. Foley

"I will always be so grateful for her patience"

"Honestly Kocaj Consulting is why I've even had a business for as long as I have. She's been with me every step and helped with so much, and has been the biggest support during my time as an LLC. I will always be so grateful for her patience and willingness to get me where I need to be to run my business best."

- E. McGuire


"She is PURE MAGIC and the best investment we have made!"

"She makes it super easy for us to understand it and she takes care of everything. She is SOOO fun and isn't the normal super boring tax person! She is PURE MAGIC and the best investment we have made in our business."

- D. Robinson


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